Success is where Preparation and Opportunity meet.

Wilshire Finance Partners is a real estate investment banker delivering institutional sophistication in a boutique environment to the healthcare real estate sector.

Wilshire's operations team has three primary areas of focus and each supports the other through the cross over contributions and collaboration:



Wilshire is a direct, balance sheet lender that originates, approves, documents, funds, and manages a portfolio of loans in-house. From credit administration to portfolio management, and from compliance, and reporting, our team of experienced professionals have the opportunity to contribute in each area of the lending business.



Wilshire's investment business is driven by investor relations, compliance, and reporting. Team members in this area assist the company in maintaining compliance with applicable regulations and policies.  In addition, they have direct interaction with investors and deliver exceptional experiences for our investors through a high level of customer service and professionalism.



The administration team touches on a number of critical areas that have a tremendous impact on the entire organization. Team members touch and manage every corner of the organization manage, among other things, marketing, technology, accounting and finance, audit, human resources, benefits, compliance, and reporting.

Core Values



  • Seek first to understand
  • Work together
  • Create a fun environment
  • Deliver exceptional experiences


  • Act with honor, loyalty, and truthfulness
  • Demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles
  • Be honest, fair, responsible and accountable
  • Be gracious, express gratitude and recognize achievements


  • Be passionate and determined
  • Embrace and drive positive change
  • Make mistakes valuable
  • Improve something today
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