Success is where Preparation and Opportunity meet.

Wilshire Finance Partners is a real estate investment banker delivering institutional sophistication in a boutique environment to the healthcare real estate sector.

Professional Loan Officers are a critical part of our lending team and vital to our success, so we strive to support an entrepreneurial approach to new business development.


The Loan Officer role at Wilshire is a sales and business development role.  Loan Officers are experienced sales professionals who identify, create, and develop direct borrower and referral relationships to generate a consistent, quality flow of closed loans.  They are able to quickly assess, scope, structure, and close loans secured by multifamily, commercial real estate and healthcare properties by focusing their time on vetted, high probability loan requests and delivering superior customer service.


Other business development roles on the lending side of our business include sales development representatives and secondary marketing.  Sales development representatives are salespeople focused on prospecting for new loans and business relationships.  Sales development representatives work with more senior members of the team to review, structure, and close loans, which provides opportunities for mentorship, training, and transition into a more senior role within the company.  Secondary marketing assists with the portfolio management function and includes whole loan purchases and sales, participations, syndications, and other execution strategies.


For the professionals on the lending side of our business, Wilshire's mix of capital access, resources, knowledge, and experience is designed to meet the needs of borrowers and referral relationships and help you grow your business.

Core Values



  • Seek first to understand
  • Work together
  • Create a fun environment
  • Deliver exceptional experiences


  • Act with honor, loyalty, and truthfulness
  • Demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles
  • Be honest, fair, responsible and accountable
  • Be gracious, express gratitude and recognize achievements


  • Be passionate and determined
  • Embrace and drive positive change
  • Make mistakes valuable
  • Improve something today
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