Success is where Preparation and Opportunity meet.

Wilshire Finance Partners is a real estate investment banker delivering institutional sophistication in a boutique environment to the healthcare real estate sector.


Teamwork is more than a word here - it defines our culture. Collaboration raises our game and brings our best ideas to the table. Plus, it's an exciting way to learn and grow.

Every door is open when you need a hand - or just want to bounce an idea off a colleague. From day one, you're encouraged to ask questions and contribute ideas.


It is important to keep sight of not only what we are trying to achieve, but how we would like to achieve it.

We are committed to a culture of Teamwork, Excellence, and Integrity, each of which we believe will result from living Wilshire's core values.

Core Values



  • Seek first to understand
  • Work together
  • Create a fun environment
  • Deliver exceptional experiences


  • Be passionate and determined
  • Embrace and drive positive change
  • Make mistakes valuable
  • Improve something today


  • Act with honor, loyalty, and truthfulness
  • Demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles
  • Be honest, fair, responsible and accountable
  • Be gracious, express gratitude and recognize achievements
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