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Wilshire Finance Partners – Stable Income & Principal Protection®


Wilshire Finance Partners is a leading real estate investment firm and fund manager providing wealth-building solutions for investors. Wilshire’s investment philosophy is Stable income & Principal Protection® through investments delivering monthly cash flow and down-side risk protection.  Wilshire’s WFP Income Fund is a short term fixed income alternative investment consisting of a diversified pool of first trust deeds and mortgages at low loan to values.  The fund targets a 7% to 8% net annualized return and a stable NAV.  As a result, Wilshire has become a go to source for short term, fixed income alternative investments.  The initial minimum investment is $100,000 and all investors must be Accredited Investors who receive the fund’s Private Placement Memorandum and related materials.  The fund is approved for both retirement and non-retirement investments.  To obtain more information, contact Wilshire at (866) 575-5070 or at investments@wilshirefp.com